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No Pasarans! They Shall Not Pass!
Madrid During the Civil War 1936 – 1939


No PasaranOn 18 July, 1936, General Franco led a right wing military uprising against the elected Republic. For the next two years Madrid was under siege from fascist bombers and artillery. We start our civil war tour in downtown at the very corner where a Republican officer was gunned down. (in retaliation a leading right wing politician was immediately assassinated thus sparking the start of the civil war).

Our Civil War Tour

We visit Franco’s Victory Arch and the site of the dreaded Modelo Prision where mass executions took place in November 1936. There are many anecdotes to tell you about the young men who came to join the International Brigade, life in the city under siege and General Mola´s mysterious “Fifth Column”. You will have a panoramic view of Casa del Campo where most of the fighting took place, visit the original Fascist gun emplacements and cellars where priests hid from the dreaded Reds death squads and, just in case this talk of death and war make you a little uneasy, we take refreshments in taverns where Ernest Hemingway wrote many articles and short stories as bombs exploded in the streets nearby! This and much more awaits you on this exciting 4 hour tour that you cannot find anywhere else.


125 € per person, minimum 2 people
125 € each additional
Family & group prices upon request.

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