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The Hapsburgs Are Coming!

But don’t worry, they go away……eventually….

The Hapsburgs - Kings PhilipWitty tales of the Hapsburgs, inquisition, spirits, inbreeding and bewitched monarchs.

The Hapsburg’s ruled Spain for 200 years and, in 1561, moved their capital from Toledo to Madrid. Our tour is certainly a singular one with tales of inquisitions held in the great Plaza Mayor, a visit to a spirit ridden 17th century wine cellars and then tapas stops in the Austrias of the Old Quarter.

Inquisition during the reign of the HapsburgsAs we pass by the numerous statues we hear of many a curious anecdote of their continual inbreeding and one when uncle marries his own niece so be prepared! Of the five Spanish Hapsburg monarchs it was dryly observed that Charles I was a warrior king, Philip II just a king, Philip III & Philip IV mere men and the last, Charles II (known as Charles the Bewitched), not even that!


95 € per person, minimum 2 people
95 € each additional
Family & group prices upon request.

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