In the Age of Poetry, Portraits & Political Enlightenment - 1701 to 1931

Our new walking tour is full of drama, intrigue, murder and kings and queens in endless extra martial affairs. We have stories galore including an Anarchist who almost ruined a royal wedding by throwing a bomb at their carriage, a Jesuit who was asked to write a `Fairy Tooth’ story for a little prince, and a humble soldier who gave his life for both king and regiment. We have refreshments at some of the city’s most fashionable central taverns.


This is an extended tour or approximately 4 hours.
125 € per person, minimum 2 people
125 € each additional

Includes quality tapas & drinks.
Solo, family & group prices upon request.

All tours include

  • Stops for drinks and tapas
  • Membership in the Wellington Society of Madrid

Membership benefits include:

  • Our nifty membership cards
  • Help in arranging your travel through Spain
  • Help line on the Chairman’s cell phone (+34 609 14 32 03), 8 am to midnight 7 days a week
  • Recommended restaurants featuring specific regional foods such as paella, roast lamb, rabo del toro, and vegetarian cuisine in Madrid and in Central Spain.
  • Expert advice on interesting Spanish wines to buy, generally unavailable outside the country.