Madrid Walking Tours

Walking, Wine and Tapas

The Wellington Society’s special Themed Walking Tours provide an entertaining and informative look at Madrid’s history, characters who called it home, and the traditions that make this city so wonderful. Below is a list of the tours that we offer, but if you are uncertain, just contact the Chairman for his suggestions. All tours include multiple stops for wine and tapas along the way.


Please note that the prices quoted in Rick Steves Madrid may not reflect current prices listed on each tour page.

The Morning Stroll

If you are not sure which walking tour to take, this is your best bet. Each tour is a little different, but with so may interesting sites to see and stories to hear, you won’t be disappointed. Learn more….


Full of drama, intrigue, murder and kings and queens in endless extra martial affairs. We have stories galore including an Anarchist who almost ruined a royal wedding by throwing a bomb at their carriage, a Jesuit who was asked to write a `Fairy Tooth’ story Learn more….

Haunted Madrid

Contrary to popular belief spirits do come out during the day and we start our tour at noon! Stools knocked over by a bricked up arch-way where liberals once secretly met. Learn more…

UPRISING! Madrid & The 2nd of May 1808

On Monday morning, Second of May, 1808, large crowds had gathered in the Puerta del Sol and in front of the Royal Palace. Learn more….

Curiosities & Anecdotes of Old Madrid

This is indeed a singular tour which we offer during the day when shops and a very unusual museum is open. Learn more….

Old Madrid Underground

When the Hapsburgs moved their capital from Toledo to Madrid in 1561, they embarked on a massive building project. Learn more…

Bloody Madrid-500 Years of Murder Most Foul

Welcome to our BLOODY MADRID tour through Old Madrid. Do please prepare yourself for what awaits us down dark, narrow streets. Learn more…

The Hapsburgs Are Coming!
(but don’t worry, they go away……eventually….)

Witty tales of inquisition, spirits, inbreeding and bewitched monarchs. The Hapsburgs ruled Spain for 200 years, but it was not all good. Learn more….

George Borrow’s Madrid of 1836

George Henry Borrow arrived in the Spanish capital one cold January morning in 1836. When he left for the last time four years later he had enough adventure stories  Learn more….


Hemingway’s Madrid

Ernest Hemingway (Don Ernesto as he was known in Spain) was no stranger to the Spanish capital. He stayed here in the late 1920’s…learn more

Madrid During the Civil War
”They Shall Not Pass!’

On 18 July, 1936, General Franco led a right wing military uprising against the elected Republic. For the next two years Madrid was under siege…learn more

Death In The Afternoon

Hemingway wrote his famous book on bull-fighting in the 1930’s when he explains in detail the whole ‘corrida’….learn more


Discovering Spanish Wine

Join Stephen for a unique evening of walking, learning and sampling wines of Spain’s many wine regions from Rioja and Ribera del Duero to the smaller less known…learn more


Art History at the Prado, Modern Arts and Select Other Museums.

The Society offers small group tours to all the famous museums in Madrid and some you may never have heard of.
All are entertaining and informative…learn more

Goya’s Madrid: The Great Artist’s Life, Times and Secrets Revealed

Our very adventurous Theme & Tapa Tour starting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando where Goya was twice rejected…learn more