Toledo – Ancient Capital of Spain

Please Note:
Because of the intense summer heat, we are not able to offer this tour in July and August.

El Greco - A view of Toledo


Until the year 1561, Toledo was the capital of Spain. Divided at one time into Christian, Moorish and Jewish quarters, Toledo has a truly rich history and is known today as the Jewel of Central Spain.

Because of the time available for our day excursion we ask you to review to tour options and let us know those that are of most interest to you. Then we shall do our best to schedule them in.

We toured Toledo (one day) and small museums in Madrid (the next) with the Chairman – and were simultaneously educated & entertained. He makes the artwork come alive with his dramatic stories of the people pictured. Toledo tour was fantastic! He met us at train station, with tickets in hand – arranged for driver in Toledo – tours of cathedral, the city, church – lovely lunch – return to Madrid via train. A perfect day. We will be back!

Tour Options

Walking Tour

Starting in the Moorish Quarter by the Gate of Alfonso VI. We stroll through a very curious part of the city, away from the tourist areas, down narrow meandering streets where motorcars can’t go. Refreshment are in taverns frequented by locals, rest stops in hideaway little gardens and many an unusual anecdote to listen to.

El Greco

El Greco was the city’s famous artist of the 16th century. The Burial of Count Orgaz is housed in the Santo Tome and there you listen to the many curious stories that make up this great painting. We see El Greco’s other paintings in the room in the Cathedral.


Lunch is at a friend’s cozy restaurant hidden away in one of the side streets in the Jewish Quarter where we are sure to receive a warm Toledano welcome.


Tapas is at another friend’s tavern where they serve up delicious small casseroles of boar stew, partridge and venison besides fresh salads and other typical tapas from the region.

Gothic Cathedral

We visit the Gothic Cathedral where the first stone was laid in 1226. Inside we have a choice of either walking around to take in the magnificence of what man has made for half an hour or to spend more time and visit the rooms which house the cathedral’s treasures including more El Greco paintings.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is under restoration but we can still visit the cloisters and part of the museum still open to the public. There are some interesting stories of the Cardinal whose money helped build this wonderful place.


See the masters patiently tapping away at gold thread as they make the brooches, rings,

Hapsburg Toledomuseo-de-santa-cruz

Where we go back in time and focus on Toledo’s history in the 16th century. What did they do to the palace of one of Toledo’s sons who dared to defy them? The Hapsburg architecture starts with the awesome Bisagra Gate and on our visit we hear why it was built even though it was not needed to form the city’s defenses.
bracelets and other delicate jewelry that Toledo is famous for. Should you wish to buy from the shop all our members, with membership cards, receive up to 20%. discount. Given the quality and quantity on display, we allow plenty of time for browsing.

Jewish Quarter

Although the Jews of Toledo suffered so much up to 1492 when they were expelled or converted to Christianity, we can still follow a unique route through the Jewish Quarters. Both synagogues are visited on our walk and even the Jewish bookshop with time to browse around. Our refreshment/tapa stop is appropriately at the ‘Juderia’ restaurant. Three hours to cover the Jewish Quarter fully.


Our VIP chauffeur meets us when we arrive inToledoJewelry Toledo & takes us to our first stop at the Parador the panoramic view and a coffee stop and then drives us down to the Moorish quarter and through the narrow streets, an amazing experience!.

La Mancha Wines

Every Toledo restaurant will have some excellent La Mancha wines on their menu. A Life Member on the Society has an amazing selection of these wines in his friendly shop. Discounts flow as he points out his favorite tipple. Don’t be surprised to find a little gift inside your shopping bag as you leave!

Toledo & The Civil War (1 hour to cover everything)

In the summer of 1936 the Spanish Civil War erupted. The Alcazar was to be the ‘Alamo’ for hundreds of Franco’s supporters as they were besieged by the Republicans.
The Alcazar is now a new 21st century state of the arts Military Museum detailing Spain´s rich past with victories, defeats and empire building. It also has, for the first time, a balanced view of both Republicans and Nationalists
during the Civil War (during Franco´s dictatorship it was a very biased presentation!) There is now also both a bar/restaurant and impressive gift shop.
Allow 2 hours for a comprehensive tour.


Mariano's Van to Toledo
Our friend Mariano’s 8-passinger van.

525 € for 2 people,
125 € for each additional
Family & group prices upon request.


What’s Included

Private driver service from Madrid/return,
Refreshments at Parador with panoramic view,
Entrance to museums/Cathedral
Note: Lunch not included in price.
All tours include Wellington Society of Madrid membership