Segovia – A Unesco World Heritage Site

Our Tour

We board one of Madrid’s modern and comfortable air conditioned morning express buses north up the picturesque Guadarrama mountains to the ancient city of Segovia, with its iconic 2,000 year old aqueduct, Romanesque churches,, Cathedral and the Alcazar palace cum fortress which dates back to the 12th century.

The journey is just one hour and after a coffee break and an introductory overview of the city, we begin our most singular walking tour through the pedestrian friendly narrow streets starting at the Roman Aqueduct circa 1st century AD. In the Plaza San Martin stands the `Son of Segovia’ Juan Bravo, a Baron who defied the arrival of the Hapsburgs and lost his life in 1521. In retaliation the Hapsburgs had all the knights who sided with him banished and their coats-of-arms removed from the doorways which can still bear the scars to this day. For those interested, we can make a detour through the old Jewish Quarter which has recently been restored.

The last of the great Gothic Cathedrals of the 16th century is a marvel of engineering with its ornate chapels, quiet cloister, and interior dome. The Alcazar has the most beautiful ceilings in each of its great rooms. The decretive stained glass windows record a king who killed his own brother to have the crown, another nicknamed, `The Suffer’ not because of a physical ailment but a mental one of listening to court gossip about his unfaithful queen, and another Castilian monarch who had a hatred of anyone wearing a turban!

For those who do not suffer from vertigo, then an opportunity to climb the 141 steps up the John II tower for a panoramic view.

Lunch is optional either a light meal in the square or simply the best sucking pig or roast lamb at the famed Jose Maria restaurant.

We return in the early evening in time the enjoy the Madrid nightlife or a quiet dinner.


Our friend Mariano’s 8-passinger van.

525 € for 2 people,
125 € for each additional
Family & group prices upon request.


What’s Included

Private driver service from Madrid/return,
Transport, museum fees, first refreshment and the Chairman as your guide (cost of lunch not included).
All tours include Wellington Society of Madrid membership

The Roman Aqueduct
Segovia Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor