Medieval Chinchón

Our Chinchon TourChinchón Plaza Mayor

This delightful medieval town of Chinchon with ruins of a castle looking down on it is only 45 minutes east of Madrid. Before you ask, yes we really do have a feeling of what life was like hundreds of years ago as we stroll along the quiet cobbled streets to the Plaza Mayor.

The stone pillars supporting wooden terraced balconies encircling the plaza simply enhances its character. Weather permitting, we sit at a table outside of a friend’s tavern enjoying our snack of local cheese and wine with fresh crispy bread (his cousin runs the bakery!) while we take in the beauty of the plaza.Chinchon Vista It is a mere 15 minute hike up to the castle to gaze across the Plains of Castilla with vineyards and olive groves covering the landscape. Oh! what stories there are about the history of the castle. From Spanish Barons of ages long ago to Hapsburgs & Bourbons and then Napoleon’s hordes, all
have been defied by these great walls!

There is also a newly opened museum cum-farmer’s house shows how life was for local people. Hand weaving, ancient well, traditional clothes and fireplace in an old kitchen with pots and pans dangling above smoldering log fire.

With all this fresh air and walking we build up an appetite for a restauChinchón Mesón Cuevas del Vinorant that served meals to customers four hundred years ago. Wooden beams, an endless maze leading to halls where tables and benches await to seat hundreds. Local lamb is roasted and served in great casseroles, jugs of chinchon wine and salads piled with every vegetable grown locally. After the meal you are taken down to the ancient wine caves that defy description!

Reluctantly, we take the city bus back enjoying a belated siesta on the way.


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What’s Included

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