Excursions to Central Spain

There are many historic cities near Madrid that can easily be visited from Madrid, And most can be done in a day . The Society can also arrange custom day excursions to places like the ceramic town of Talavera, Trujillo- home of the Spanish Conquistadors, and most other places in central Spain.

Wellington Society Day Excursions

Toledo – Ancient Capital of Spain

Until the year 1561, Toledo was the capital of Spain. Divided at one time into Christian, Moorish and Jewish quarters, Toledo has a truly rich history and is known today as the Jewel of Central Spain.…more


After our morning coffee break we walk round the corner to stand by the great Roman Aqueduct built 2,000 years ago. From here we start our carefully planned walking tour past Romanesque churches, medieval buildings until we come to the statue of Segovia’s hero, Juan Bravo. Oh!….more

Medieval Chinchón

This delightful medieval town with ruins of a castle looking down on it is only 45 minutes east of Madrid. Before you ask, yes we really do have a feeling of what life was like hundreds of years ago as we stroll  along the quiet cobbled streets to the Plaza Mayor.…more

Wines Of The Toro Region 

A 2 day excursion from Madrid north west to the medieval town of Toro by the River Duero
We visit some of the vine-yards with our expert English guide
A tour of one of Toro´s famous wineries….more

Royal Gardens of Aranquez

Undecided where to go while visiting Madrid? Come with us to the delightful Royal Gardens of Aranjuez which was a popular retreat for the Spanish Bourbon Royal family in the 18th & 19th centuries. You will find out just why it was so special. Fresh air, fountains, herb gardens, lawns, statues, the Prince’s Forest and the Bourbon Royal Palace all await us….more