Battlefield Tours

Our Battlefield Tours Are Just Right For You

There is no typical battlefield tourist. Our guests are of all ages and from different backgrounds. Some are more knowledgeable than others. Some are hoping to visit particularly battlefields, while others are looking for suggestions on how best to use their time on tour.

Because of this, all of our tours are customized to your interests and needs. The first step is to contact the Chairman by email or call his mobile at +34 601 14 3203 to let him know your interests and what date(s) you want to tour  After that, he will provide a draft itinerary for you to review and modify as necessary. Once the details are set, you will be asked for a deposit to secure your tour.

Then it is just a matter of patiently waiting for the start of what is sure to be a memorable time.

About Our Battlefield Tours

Wellington Society battlefield tours make history come alive! Understanding all the dates and details is so much easier when you go where it happened with noted Peninsular War historian and witty raconteur, Stephen Drake-Jones.

Because of his many years of experience and countless contacts throughout Spain, Portugal, England, France and Belgium, you will be able to

  • Walk the same battlefield routes on as Wellington’s army while you hear readings from primary sources, interesting anecdotes and local legends.
  • Visit private residences where Wellington lived planned his campaigns.
  • Hear the perspectives of local historians and curators.
  • Gaze across the important battlefields, just as Wellington’s officers did, using authentic telescopes.
    Take aim with a Brown Bess musket.
  • View private collections of artifacts unearthed from the battle sites.

With the Wellington Society you get a customized experience, carefully tailored to meet your needs, whether you are a group of 6th formers, a university group, study abroad students, a society, an interested group, or a private party.

The Wellington Society helped us to organise a truly inspirational historical tour of the Peninsular War battlefields. Stephen Drake-Jones was most helpful during the planning stage, giving excellent advice on timings and destinations. When we arrived in Madrid, Stephen’s charismatic approach captured the attention and imagination of the students and helped to set a good-humoured but purposeful atmosphere for the study visit. His expert knowledge of the battlefields, combined with local contacts and his ability to pitch the delivery of the subject matter at the right level meant the students were engaged throughout. The daily quiz that he ran resulted in a frighteningly high level of accuracy in the student responses as they attempted to win one of his prizes. As a group of 25 sixth form students, they learnt a lot about the Peninsular War and they greatly appreciated the culture of central Spain which none of them had visited before.” Rob Williams, Temple Moor High School, Leeds

About Stephen Drake-Jones

For over 30 years, Stephen Drake-Jones has walked the battlefields of Portugal and Spain, making friends with local historians, politicians and residents of the communities to find the secret places not mentioned in most history books.

He has been a guest lecturer, consultant to the BBC, and was the subject of a BBC4 documentary called Forks of War. In addition, he has donated many of his collected artifacts and other historical items that he has collected to military museums in Britain and Spain.

El Pais called Stephen Drake-Jones “one of the our brilliant investigators of the War of Independence from 1808-1814.”

Cronology For Reference

  • 1808 – Madrid, Goya & 2nd of May Uprising
  • 1808 – Retreat To Corunna
  • 1809 – Talavera Campaign
  • 1810 – Border Fortifications, Northern Sector
  • 1810 – Across the border into Portugal siege of Almeida
  • 1810 – Combat at the Rio Coa & Light Division
  • 1811 – Battle of Albuera
  • 1811 – Battle of Fuentes de Onoro
  • 1811 – Visit to Lord Wellington’s Headquarters
  • 1812 – Siege of Badajoz
  • 1812 – Battle of Salamanca
  • 1812 – Storming the Ciudad Rodrigo
  • 1813 – The Pyrenees Campaigns
  • 1815 – The Waterloo Campaign