Chairman Stephen Drake-Jone had written a number of books about the Penniniuslar War. He has also written several Dickensian novels. Each copy that you order will be personally inscribed by the author with wording of you choice.

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Letter Home From The Basque Country – by Stephen Drake-Jones

This is a most singular recording of the last year of the war in the north of Spain in 1813. Drake-Jones has carefully selected and edited letters & journals from Lord Wellington & twenty-two of his officers who witnessed and wrote home of the decisive Battle of Vitoria, the siege of San Sebastian and also their observations of the Basques themselves; their strange language, costumes, customs and the lush green country-side. They wrote reassuring family and friends that they had survived another battle.
There are very moving lines when one young officer, billeted with a local family, overhears the woman singing a lullaby in Basque to her baby girl. Another has to ride over to the next village to tell his sweetheart that he and his regiment are leaving the next day; a final farewell that broke his heart!
Includes profiles, period prints, maps and a chronology of the Peninsular War.

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