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Drake-Jones' Madrid

By Stephen and Clare Drake-Jones

After many years of studying the history of Madrid, and taking groups ranging from school and university students to companies and of course, Members of the Wellington Society around Madrid´s old quarters, I decided that it was time to put all my historical anecdotes and research notes of the capital down on paper. Actually, it was my daughter Clare, who came up with the idea and encouraged me to start writing down all the knowledge I have built up over the 40 years living in Madrid. Clare has herself contributed much, by adding and working together with me to choose our favourite artists, paintings and places we love to visit. She has also added her own favourite taverns, restaurants, and shops as well as designing the layout of the book and drawing the front cover.
This book sets out to help you explore Madrid, while delving into its most colourful history; murders, treachery, love scandals, military conflicts, dictatorships, and the lives and deaths of some of Spain´s most famous characters, and a few infamous ones as well. We have also included some of the most curious old shops; a place to buy fans, canes & umbrellas of 1823, a pastry shop since 1830, a winery from 1902, a hatters dating back to 1832, a shoe shop since 1845, a Dickensian type button shop since 1913, and even a place to buy gloves which opened its doors for the first time in 1886.
This book can be used to discover the rich history of Madrid, but also can be helpful as a casual guide to some of the best restaurants, bars and shops in the city centre. The book is designed so you can dip in to the parts you are interested most in visiting, or as a book to discover Madrid from the comfort of your home.

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Drake-Jones’ Madrid

The definitive guide to the best of Madrid
€ 30.00
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