About Stephen and the Society

About Chairman Stephen Drake Jones

Stephen Drake-JonesCalling Stephen Drake-Jones’ Madrid walking tours historic is certainly accurate, but doesn’t begin to describe the experience. Stephen, Chairman of the Wellington Society of Madrid and an acknowledged expert on the Peninsular Campaigns of Wellington, is a familiar figure in the haunts of old Madrid. And his scholarship sits easily with the wit of the raconteur; his tours are always entertaining. He brings history to life for all ages and is recommended by Fodors, American Express Travel, The New York Times and noted travel writer Rick Steves.

Not surprisingly, Stephen is also an authority on old Madrid and historic towns and cities throughout Spain having lived in Spain since before the fall of Franco.

He has led tours of major historical cities such as Segovia, Aranjuez, Toledo, Salamanca and Avila; also Waterloo, London and York. In addition, he has guided tour parties around the major Peninsular battlefields of Spain. In Madrid he lectures, leads walking tours of old Madrid, provides expert commentary and tickets to the bullfights and arranges gourmet dinner evenings in the many fine restaurants of the city. His audiences have included schools, diplomatic staff, including British and American ambassadors, exchange students, international companies and discerning travellers to Spain.

Yet, the primary purpose of the Society remains historical research related to Wellington and the Peninsular Campaigns. Stephen was the historical adviser to the Wellington in the Peninsular War, the second episode of the BBC’s three part documentary, Wellington, THE IRON DUKE. Recently he was a VIP guest at Salamanca after the Society donated upwards on 600 military figures (24 years in the making) and artifacts. At the event, Stephen provided the President of Salamanca/Leon and Captain General of North Western Spain and British, Portuguese, and French military representatives with historical insights as he guided them around the new museum.